Summer studentship scheme

Summer studentship scheme

This scheme is aimed at undergraduate students who are interested in embarking on PhD studies following graduation. As part of the scheme, students will undertake an 8-10 week quantitative and biophysical biology themed research project, between July and September. In addition, summer students will benefit from interactions with 3rd year PhD students on the Wellcome Trust PhD programme, who will give tutorials and talks about their research. For eligible supervisors, who are all associated with the Wellcome Trust 4 year PhD programme, visit supervisors.

We aim to recruit 6-8 students each year, with preference given to undergraduate students who have just completed the penultimate year of their studies. Students will be awarded a stipend of approximately £180/week.

Applications for the Summer 2018 scheme will open in November 2017.  To apply, you will need to send a copy of your CV along with a covering letter outlining why you are interested in the scheme and what your research interests are.

Example projects

Below are examples of projects that have been developed as part of the Programme, and who supervised them.  This will give you an idea of potential research areas if you are interested in taking part in the summer studentship scheme.

  • Supervisors: Hilary Ashe and Magnus Rattray
    Title: Global dynamics of mRNA accumulation during embryonic development
  • Supervisors: Martin Baron, Tobias Galla, Mike White
    Title: Setting developmental signalling levels through a network of endocytic fluxes
  • Supervisors: Dr Berenika Plusa and Dr Julia Handl
    Title: Machine learning to support the study of cell fate decision and self-organisation in mammalian embryo
    Title: Mouse blastocyst as an experimental system to study EMT in vivo, using automated tracking approaches
  • Supervisors: Dr Simon Cotter, Dr Berenika Plusa and Prof Chris Thompson
    Title: Understanding the interplay between dynamic oscillations and stochastic heterogeneity in developmental patterning
  • Supervisors: Dr Tobias Galla and Prof Chris Thompson
    Title: Microbial Game Theory
  • Supervisors: Sam Griffiths-Jones and Matthew Ronshaugen
    Title: Regulation of gene expression by microRNAs: buffering transcriptional noise
    Title: Control of cell movement by mRNA targeting
  • Supervisors: Shane Herbert and Pawel Paszek
    Title: Establishment of Cell Fate Heterogeneity in Embryonic Development
  • Supervisors: Jean Marc Schwartz and Qing Jun Meng
    Title: The role of circadian clock genes in osteoarthritis
  • Supervisors: Oliver Jensen, Sarah Woolner, Andrew Hazel, Mark Muldoon
    Title: Cell Division and the Mechanical Tissue Environment
  • Supervisors: Karl Kadler and Oliver Jensen
    Title: Towards a mathematical understanding of fibrosis
  • Supervisors: Prof Magnus Rattray and Prof Chris Thompson
    Title: Using pseudotime gene network reconstruction from single cell RNAseq data to determine how cell fate choices are made
  • Supervisors: Hilary Ashe and Mark Muldoon
    Title: Regulation of transcription in space and time
  • Supervisors: Mark Muldoon and Michael White
    Title: Quantitative analysis of the biological systems that couple inflammation and cell fate
  • Supervisors: Nancy Papalopulu and Paul Glendinning (supervisory Post-doc: Dr. Cerys Manning)
    Title: Asynchronous gene expression oscillations in a multicellular environment: what are the governing rules and does a global pattern emerge?
  • Supervisors: Nancy Papalopulu and Magnus Rattray (day to day supervision by Dr. Nitin Sabherwal)
    Title: Inferring the kinetic behaviour of regulatory networks from snapshot single cell quantitative data
  • Supervisors: Supervisory Team: Prof Nancy Papalopulu and Dr Tobias Galla
    Supervisory Post-doc: Dr Veronica Biga
    Title: Modelling protein-level dynamics in Neural Stem cells and biological strategies to mitigate tissue level heterogeneity
  • Supervisors: Pawel Paszek, Mark Muldoon
    Title: The immunological wisdom of crowds: Information processing during the immune response
  • Supervisors: Magnus Rattray and Qing Jun Meng
    Title: Detection of circadian and ultradian periodicities using Gaussian process modelling
  • Supervisors: Ray DW, Loudon ASI, Hazel AL
    Title: Multiscale biological timing control of macrophage function
  • Supervisors: Andy Sharrocks and Magnus Rattray
    Title: Inferring tumour sub-types and their distinguishing regulatory interactions from gene expression and chromatin accessibility data
  • Supervisors: Swift & Hubbard
    Title: Molecular chaperone regulation in the cellular mechano-response
  • Supervisors: Dr Tom Waigh and Prof Chris Thompson
    Title: Modelling how cell type specific differences in force and adhesion can lead to pattern formation
  • Supervisory team: Michael White and Mark Muldoon
    Title: Quantitative analysis of the role of temperature in inflammatory responses
  • Supervisors: Sarah Woolner, Oliver Jensen, Gareth W. Jones
    Title: The contribution of force to mitotic spindle pole fragmentation
  • Supervisors: Andreas Prokop, Thomas Waigh, Andrew Hazel
    Title: Testing and refining a new model for filopodial dynamics

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