• Ideas of stochastic process decomposition II.
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Have you trained in physics, engineering, mathematics or computer science? Would you like to use your skills to tackle complex problems in biology?

What is the WTQBB?

The Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Quantitative and Biophysical Biology will equip you with the skills needed to address fundamental questions that underpin human development and offer new insights into disease.

The programme is specifically designed to help theoretically trained students take the leap into biology, and especially experimental biology.

What is Quantitative and Biophysical Biology?

Applications for September 2018 are now CLOSED.

Please go to the Apply page for more details.

The Programme

You will be trained in the major questions and experimental techniques in biology, and in the application of mathematical modelling and statistical analysis. Importantly, all PhD projects will require an integration of theory and experimentation, involving ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ work. You will be co-supervised by a wet-lab experimentalist and theoretically trained PI.

The first year consists of two short research projects and Programme-specific skills workshops centered around problem-based exploratory learning. These courses will equip you with the knowledge to choose your PhD research topic for the remaining three years, as well as the skills to carry it out.

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